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After almost two weeks of rebuilding my homepage I’m finally back. I’ve had to realize that even a small website isn’t impervious to hacking. It’s a shame that some people have a joy in disturbing other people’s work and try to distribute bad things via innocent people. I’ve had to build my page from scratch, […]



After a long time due to an injury that forced me to take a break I tried something new yesterday. My company offers me the possibilty of visiting the on-site fitness studio. Our studio works with TRX Suspension Trainig. It’s an idea born in the U.S. Navy Seals developed by Fitness Anywhere. The Suspension training […]

3D World

Since a few month I’m searching for 3D Magazines. They should especially include Tutorials or other stuff with the programm Maya. The last week I finally bougth the magazine “3D World” (Issue 138). With 13.50€ ($18,00) it’s anything but cheap. At a first glance I liked the getup and with 121 sites there is much […]

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