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Speedpainting: Mary & Matthew (Downton Abbey)

Despite the fact that since the Christmas special there is a more defining scene for Matthew and Mary and their relationship, I really love this dance scene and its mood.

I painted the picture over the course of two nights – which is far too much time for a student suffering from examination stress, but I just couldn’t stop painting (– perhaps I should learn not to even start doing such things under these conditions).

Anyways, the funny thing was that this time, drawing the clothes and (his) hair came naturally which is normally the hard part of the painting process for me. On the other hand, I suddenly experienced a few difficulties painting the face and hand – also the complete opposite of my usual painting experience.

Downton Abbey - Mary & Matthew

[Song plays]

Lady Mary Crawley: I don’t know this one.
Matthew Crawley: Actually I rather like it. I think it was in a show that flopped. “Zip Goes a Million” or something.
Lady Mary Crawley: Can you manage without your stick?
Matthew Crawley: You *are* my stick.
Lady Mary Crawley: *We* were a show that flopped.
Matthew Crawley: God, Mary, I’m so, so sorry. You know how sorry I am.
Lady Mary Crawley: Don’t be. It wasn’t anyone’s fault. If it was, it was mine.
Matthew Crawley: You know Cousin Violet came to me. Told me to marry you.
Lady Mary Crawley: When was this?
Matthew Crawley: A while ago. When we knew I would walk again.
Lady Mary Crawley: Classic Granny. What did you say?
Matthew Crawley: That I couldn’t accept Lavinia’s sacrifice of her life, her children, her future, and then give her the brush-off when I was well again. Well, I couldn’t, could I?
Lady Mary Crawley: Of course not.
Matthew Crawley: How ever much I might want to.
Lady Mary Crawley: Absolutely not.

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  1. I am looking for Downton Abbey images that can be blown up into huge murals for use at a Downton Abbey-themed wedding. The finished mural will be 7′ high by 25′ long.

    The usual photos are not high resolution enough but perhaps your speed painting images can work.

    Do you have several Downton Abbey images? If not, could you create them for us? And, what would be the charge?

    Thanks so much,

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