The Bridge

Today I finished my on and off project “the bridge”. A couple of months ago I started modelling the bridge and did first experiments with the light. Like so often, they posed some problems for me and I lost interest in working on this project.
Yesterday I suddenly thought that I have to finish this scene. So, I put some loud music on and started working.
After lighting I discovered a new big problem. My laptop is too weak to render grass (which I created with fur). It’s really annoying because it’s the second thing after Shatter-Effects that my notebook can’t handle.

Fortunately this morning I got a reason to lift my mood: Maya 2012.
But the joy was only preliminary and so I had big problems with the new version. I always got this error report:
// Error: setParent: Object ‘renderView’ not found.
After long time spent googling, I found the solution on this site:

A really big challenge in this picture was the night lighting. It took a long time to get halfway decent lights.


Although I am not satisfied, I finished this scene to have time for my other projects.
Perhaps I’m going to get the possibility to work with a more powerful computer for the grass some day, because I’m not pleased with paint effects or textures.

Render Time: 57:44 min.
Okay, I think I should invest some time in rendering optimization.

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  1. I’m also having this same problem in Maya 2012: Error: setParent: Object ‘renderView’ not found. and I looked into the wiki link you placed, but unfortunatelly my knowledge of programming is not enough to understand this.
    Could you explain “in plain english” how this is resolved.



  2. I only copied the “Final Solution” code lines (from the wiki-entry) in my Maya Script-Editor, marked the lines and pressed Strg+Enter.

    Final Solution:

    for ($item in `getPanel -scriptType “renderWindowPanel”`) {
    if ( $item == “renderView” ) {
    print “renderView exists.\n”;
    if ( $exists == 0 ) {
    for ($item in `getPanel -scriptType “renderWindowPanel”`) {
    //print ( $item + “\n”);
    if ( $item == “renderWindowPanel1” ) {
    //delete it and rename it to something that renderman can use
    print “renderWindowPanel1 detected: switching to renderView so renderman can use it…\n”;
    deleteUI renderWindowPanel1;
    $renderPanel = `scriptedPanel -type “renderWindowPanel” -unParent renderView`;
    scriptedPanel -e -label `interToUI $renderPanel` $renderPanel;

    In the first seven lines, Maya checks if there is a render view. If there is none, the second part of the script will be executed.
    Line 9 finds a render view that is available. And the last three lines delete the original Render Panel and replace it with a new render view panel which should now be working 🙂

    Unfortunately you have to do this every time you start maya, unless it es a scene you created with maya 2012.

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