My name is Rea, I’m a 26 year old girl from Munich. During my free time I like to keep myself busy with everything concerning music, web, film and 3D.
My web career started when a teacher taught us something about HTML & co. I finished high school with my exam in computer science, then moved to Munich where I began my bachelor of media computer science.

My first own website was put online in 2008. I have been responsible for the design and content of my mother’s natural health professional homepage.

Rea Schmidt
Photography by Rea Schmidt 2010 I started my own homepage reaschmidt.com which lead me to my first experience with dynamic websites and blogging.

Because two years later, the “photopraphy” section of this homepage grew so big, I decided to open another specialized website – reaschmidt.com/photography.

Part of the blogging and gallery content of my main page show my relatively new passion: 3D modeling and animation, which I discovered in 2009. My initial projects were created with 3DS Max. Four months later I switched to Maya which I’m still trying to perfect – meanwhile also by using it for my first professional jobs.

Besides the Autodesk program I’m also very fond of using Adobe software programs like Photoshop for speedpaintings and photography as well as PremierePro and AfterEffects for post-production.